Not feeling well…”In a world of Pain.” by Emily Sturgill (2/4/2014)

Camera    “Women according to the three phases of the Moon.”Oil on Canvas board, 1992, E.H. Cato

In a world of Pain: My Body carries Sadness

My body carries Sadness

just inside

the blink of an eye.

I am weighed down,

too much mud and sand

as Time stands still.

And the ugliness from within

Pain-it takes over-my lights grow dim.

A secret kept,

like an unmade bed

messy, loud, yet silent too-

impossible to ignore

this fit

this pressure

this utter exhaustion

I discover myself

unraveling time and time again and


This pain does not mesh

with the rose colored glasses

I’d like to fit in.

To bleed

is to be silent

to hurt

is the only way

to find your voice

among a sea of screams

but you lie and tell


I will be ok.

I will be ok.

No matter what life throws my way;

I just know I will handle it

I will be ok.

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