Re-release of Memoirs: New 4th Edition Now Available

Above is the kindle link to my 4th E
dition of “Memoirs recalled Madness: a personal account of living with manic depressive illness.”by Emily Sturgill. 2014.

After reading a book written by a friend, I decided to re-read my Memoirs and make more revisions. If you already have a previous copy on kindle you may update it by going to my kindle. If you do not have a copy, I have some good news-this ebook will be on Free promotional download starting this Weds 2/12/14-Sunday 2/16/14. You can use the link above to download a free copy starting on Weds.

If you prefer a paperback copy: please visit Createspace at: Amazon now has a matchbook deal as well where if you buy a printed paperback copy you can buy the kindle copy at a reduced rate. Currently my paperback is 8.5 x 11 white pages, some colored images, artwork and personal photos and roughly 90 pages long. It costs $19.99 but through the matchbook program a kindle copy will only run $2.99-normally the kindle version  is $9.99.

But as I said before this 4th edition will be FREE to download, Weds-Saturday of this week. The revisions I made concerned prior overlooked typo, grammar and spelling errors. Much of the content remained the same-I just really wanted it to flow more evenly for the reader. This style of confessional writing is not my forte’ -I do consider myself more of a Poet than a traditional Author. That being said, if you have ever been curious about mental illness or have friends or family with mental illness-my story does give a glimpse inside a bipolar mind. For more info please visit my links above and there were also 4 reviews of past versions. The most objective review came from Michel Short. She reviewed based on content and plot-rather than to critically examining any grammar errors. Thank you so much Michel. Thank you also to Cy Johnson for some early editing contributions and Thank you to Dr. Leesa Abbott for inspiring me to re-evaluate my own Memoirs. Leesa has written a book called ” A brief Guide to Thriving for Individuals with mental illness and their loved Ones.” by Dr. Leesa Abbott, 2013. I am hoping to publish a review of her work sometime in the next week.

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3 thoughts on “Re-release of Memoirs: New 4th Edition Now Available

  1. Em,

    You have done it again… such a beautiful prolific writer.. girl, I am so proud of you! Thank you for mentioning my review .. you know how much your support of my review means too me as well:) Thanks for the heads-up on the publishing/promotion dates. Looking forward to reading your revised edition!

    Michel________________________________ > Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2014 14:56:47 +0000 > To: >

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