The Waitress served Wisdom.

The Waitress served a hot steaming plate

full of hot open-faced roast beef sandwiches covered in gravy

with a large side order of wisdom.

I never asked for the wisdom-

She just bore it all down upon me

like a welcoming rain

in the hottest heat of summer when there’s been

nothing but draught.

I was doing light reading on medicine and blessings-

putting pieces together

all shimmery and faint.

She caught me off guard with her chatter.

She was older than I

and she was weathered both

by age and time.

Beneath her carved out wrinkles

her eyes seemed to swell upwards-

even twinkle.

She seemed impossibly knowledgable

in things bizarre and highly improbable.

Yet it was wisdom just the same.

You would be surprised how much you can learn,

if you are only willing to quiet down

and listen.

Like a gem in the raw

The waitress shone brightly

as she dashed out a double heaping

of old timey wisdom.

I left her a nice tip on the table,

I never did quite catch her name.

I was in far too much of a hurry-

because it had started to Rain.

I never saw her again, but just so you know-

older people have the most wonderful tales to tell

and they will share them with you,

if you ask a few questions and show them sincere respect,

the are full of all sorts of answers

you just would not expect.

The waitress severed Wisdom.

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