Good friends are like fine wine…

Good friends are like fine wine,

they only get better with both age,

and time.

A old friendship is a bit like

renewing an over-due book loan,

from the library. Surprisingly, you may find,

that the contents and pages remain the same-

although I am certain there are many more,

brand new chapters which have been added-

since last you read it.

An old friendship, is something that spans many,

many years-and although you are apart-the base

of the friendship, its roots, they remain the same.

Even when you have not, seen your friend in ages-

but if and when you do,

those old feelings of happiness, laughter, love and peace-

loyalties-these all remain the same.

If once,I called out your name,

as my friend,

then as my friend you will forever remain-

unless something horrible happens…

to us both and we forget one another.

Good friends are like fine wine….

dedicated to Angie, Erin, Matthew,Jenny,and many many others, too many to count,

for they litter my life like Stars in my landscape.


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