Sadly, seriously?

Sadly, seriously?

Somebody I love suffers from

a form of

clinical depression.

Whether its mild, or major, or seasonal, or dysthmic?

I really do not know nor do

i even care.

What i do care about,

is that he is mere inches away from getting help for it.

Sadly, Seriously?

The people in his family just do not

“get’ mental illness-they do not understand,

what is really is and what it is not.

Even though he has me, been very supportive of me-

all the manias, depressions and the in-betweens.

he still cannot, quite understand about depression.

That even if its not bipolar, being depressed is just

as real and just as serious.

He thinks/feels/acts like life must

always be THIS WAY-hard, sad, angry,lonely, slightly

just ever so slightly, a tad bit


But we had a break-through in therapy

today-meaning naturally i ratted him out.

I told the truth about what b.s. he says

and whats it really about.

Normal folks do not make jokes,

that when things are tight or rough,

maybe they should just go kill themselves?

Sadly, Seriously.

He’s napping now.

And I feel better that we dropped off a script

for him this time.

He accused me , that i only want the rest

of the world to be diagnosed something,

so i will feel less lonely.

And i said no thats not it i just know,

a whole lotta crazy.

Sadly, seriously

if only i can get him to give them-the anti-depressants-

a chance to work, maybe then

he will feel lighter, feel better , feel more even

and less likely to buckle

under all his mixed up emotions.

That its ok to feel this way, but you do not,

have to feel depressed and miserable everyday.

Sadly seriously

I hope that this will help him.

Maybe someday he will realize,

there are many choices in your life,

but being constantly miserable

is only one of them.

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