The best for last.

I always seem

to wax poetic and day-dream

all the best of my musings

unto my blog.

It’s frustrating

, because I wanted to:

save the best for last.

I want to take all the good ramblings and rantings,

and wrap them up into

a velvet handkerchief

saving them up for a stew.

Saving the gravy of random crazy-

poetry to drip into my newest chapbook.

It seems like I cannot quite help myself,

I start typing and all my poem-thoughts

get out. They escape running crazy like chickens

who have their heads all cut off,

and the bodies cannot seem to grasp it at all.

So they run and dance upon my little blog.

Like poetry misfits, just waiting until

somebody catches a glance

in their stubborn direction.

My poems try to fly away,

and they flew the coop.

Geez, what a mess!!

I am trying very hard,

to save the best for last.


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