Fright on a Friday Night:

I got a phone call

early today to set up,

yet another job interview.

Most would feel excitement,

eagerness like the way the dog pulls,

on his leash during a fun walk outside

on a fall day.

I do not.

I am scared to get my hopes up.

I have had many interview opportunities,

yet barely any job prospects,

to the point,

I must reflect,

I somehow interview badly.

So instead of excitement,

or eagerness, it is this fear

that grabs me.

It’s a bit like stage-fright.

It’s like walking a tightrope without/

a safety-net/

and who will-?

catch me if I fall again?

Because I just might, stumble, stutter, fall

face-forward into this Stage-fright.

Falling, failing all over again..

covering myself with my “Ums”

as the guns go off/

as questions get fired at me/

rapid quick/

will I just look like another

dimwit? Or worse yet,

will I be the babbling brook/

that never ceases to quit, its flow, spewing

out irrelevant data, due to a nervous

bipolar mouth twitch?

Is there a way to steady myself,

against more rejection/

as I tell myself I want to work

again-more than anything.

Fright Falls

onto my Friday night.


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