Slaying the Dragon

Slaying the Dragon,

beneath my silver-tipped sword

shining with encrusted jewels

bright and bold

filled with the enormous certainty

of Faith. Love, and Hope.


I stand back and watch

the beast beneath bleed

out all of the Ugly.

The Depression in mood, the negativity, the chip off

my left-hand shoulder


it is all released in one fell swoop.

the urgency of his attack at first depletes me.

But then I realize there is strength

beneath all sorrow.


My heart hinders me-

if it contains me, and all my soul,

if there is peace and love there

there is little room left for anger and regrets.


I take my blade and wipe it clean.

What has driven all my blues away?

Is it a slight victory over lingering insanity?

Or is it a beautiful tainted conquest

this fragment

of a dream?



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