Reaching out to the darkness:

Reaching out to the Darkness,

I embrace the void, the emptiness, the huge

hurting Loneliness.

The sense that you must stifle a scream,

so loud and bold

it could shatter the world-

except that no one will hear it-

because you do not, shout it out,

you keep it inside and swaddle it like an infant child.


All the emotions, you keep locked up into their cages,

so they do not escape like a lioness or a hungry grizzly

escape to Eat Up the Whole World Whole.


Wholeness…now that is something you long for.

A truth that you will not speak,

least you hurt anybody’s feelings-

so you just pretend,

that these horrible negative feelings,

these angry emotions

that they will end. Somehow. Some-way,

even though the more you-

do not say-the more the feelings rise up in the cages,

shaking the bars.


Its so uncivilized.

It leaves you speechless,

with this dry throat and tongue-

you are there too-just like me-reaching out

to the Darkness.


Searching for Truth, for sympathy for empathy,

but there is nothing left but vast blackness.

You pray like hell-for just one more chance-

for the lovely Moon and Stars to light your path-

but there is nothing left but the cold embrace

of blackness.


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