shivers up my spine

Fall evening,

bringing shivers up my spine.

The cold feels good-

it makes me feel alive, precious and beautiful.

The air is crisp, and I am under an electric blanket-

warm and toasty.

Waiting for the Man-

I call Lover, Husband and Best Friend,

to come home from a work outing.

He went with others from his work

to see the Detroit Tigers play.

Tomorrow he will have his

40th Birthday.

So Tomorrow I will bake him a cake,

while his mother hovers over me.

Then there will be gifts and laughter.

Right now is mere suspense.

I shiver in anticipation, as I wait,

for my Man to come home and wrap me up

into cuddling arms.

I know I will sleep good tonight,

despite shivers up my spine.

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