Old forgotten Art- Curiosity’s a game…

Abstract oil pastel drawing 99    Old Abstract Pastel Drawing, from 1999, I created it back then, but why?

I have no idea. Every bit of art I make somehow tells a story, I do not always recall my own. My story of how I made it, why I made it, what it meant to me at the time? I think What interests me much much more is what you as the viewer, think the art says to you? And why does it say that? What story do you see in my artwork? Is it confusing-a rambled jumble of colors and shapes? Or do you see symbolism or narrative in the layers , just beneath? Tell me what the story is? What does this old forgotten drawing done in oil pastel say about me-the artist? Or more importantly what does this artwork say to you as a viewer? Leave me a comment, play along if you wish, what do you think and what do you say the story is?

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