Getting into the groove

Cautiously trying to find

a way into the groove-

to slip into the perfect spot/

where I am able to create/

a new reality/for myself/and my family.


Getting into the groove,

Applying for more jobs/seeking employment/

refusing to throw the towel in./I’ve got some energy/

it makes my mind spin.


Part of what makes me ME,

is an illness which defines me/my bipolar disorder/

yet it does have an upside/at times I can become/

highly focused/motivated/able to get things done.

There is usually a price to pay/a relapse/

or a struggle/to maintain my moods/


I am trying my hardest to just/

get into the groove.

To find some stability/to cover myself/

up in artwork & poetry.


I want to be/

productive/ successful/happy

I want to contribute to society/

to become part of mental health advocacy.

I want to be more than a nameless face/

in a sea of anonymity.

It’s hard to set reasonable goals/when your Ego flexes/

from zero-to-one hundred/ on any given day.


All I can say,

is I want to get in to

my groove Today.




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