The law of attraction

The Law of Attraction,

never seems to sink in with me,


Many family members swear by this.

And they are all financially much better off than I.


I want to believe, I really really do.

I just have a hard time taking

personal responsibility,

for every negative and awful

causality that has ever befallen me.


I have trouble believing that

I have a higher spiritual self  which

somehow decided to embrace mental illness,

welcome rape, miscarriages, and other crimes

upon myself so freely and willingly-


as if i have a please kick me sign,

attached to my rear end-

or a stupid “willing victim” sign

taped to my forehead.

That growing up, I always dreamt,

I would be unemployed and living below the poverty level.


I do believe very much in karma,

and that what you put out,

comes back three times.


I believe in many superstitions as well.

I avoid opening umbrellas indoors,

or walking beneath ladders.

I read Tarot cards but fear oujia boards.

I believe in ghosts, astral projection and re-incarnation.


Yet, still i struggle to accept the law of attraction.

Maybe, it’s quite paranoid of me.

But I cannot make sense, that each and every bad

experience i have ever had,

i invited and chose to have it.

i do not get this.

it confounds me greatly.



3 thoughts on “The law of attraction

  1. These very things are things that so many of us question. I have questioned the law of attraction so many times, but I do believe in it, for example negative thinking breeds negative outcomes, this makes sense to me. This of course is only my opinion. Well done my friend.

  2. I just bought a 99 cent kindle book last night on Manifesting using the law of attraction. This book for once made sense to me, in ways others on the topic, such as those by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks-have not resonated with me at all. Some info about the law of attraction over simplify everything to merely constantly re-directing your thoughts to a happy place or only think positively-otherwise risk chaos, doom and failure.For some of us who battle depression-negative thoughts are not by choice rather they are symptoms of the malady. It is not always as easy or simple to change thought patterns or negative belief systems. This newer e-book, addressed that topic is such a way I could comprehend. I agree in theory that the Law of Attraction works-just not too well for myself personally.

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