Missing an old friend

Missing an old friend.

We have lost touch, over many years,

and perhaps many states as well.


Last time he saw me,

I was pretty crazy.

I don’t doubt while he

wants the best for me,

he always wants nothing to do with me.


Not only am i crazy,

but i’m somebody else’s wife.

I am only interested in reaching out-

as a friend.


I would how his life has turned out,

and where, what, who-has he been?

I don’t think about him,

that much.


Just every few months,

he randomly pops into my head.

i search the internet,

for my old lost friend.


He has slipped off the face,

of cyberspace.

I miss him, I just wanted to let him know:

my life is better now.


I miss talking to him.

There are so few friends,

I can discuss religion and spirituality with.

Oh, Rahula where have you gone?

And are you happy?

Will i ever hear from you again?


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