The Comfort of Cats

The comfort of cats,

as they choose our bed to do

a good part of their natural daily napping.

They make great and loyal friends.

A Bold tiger stripped Tabby,

aggressively, friendly.

A sleek long-haired black cat-she’s the smallest

of our pack-by years not by size.

Then there is the Queen-bee, a 12 year old Russian Blue.

She stakes out our basement as her castle.

The other two hang out with us,

soaking up each and every gesture

or petting or brushing of affection.

The Tabby-he’s eight in human years.

The Black pitch female is just over a year old.

The three of them are my collection

of feline cat companions.

Each one has a different personality.

Very loved, they know they have us doing

whatever they feel is right in the moment-

a scratch behind ears, across a tail or back.

Then a treat or a toy…

lovely loyal furries.

Oh, much joy is found,

in the comfort of cats.IMG_20130203_203008cat in the box

writes for dirt cheap,

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