An extraordinary day

Today is a day unlike any other.

I am going to give an Artist Talk,

this evening-on what it means

to recover, from mental illness.


How art has helped me,

lead my way through darken tunnels,

and skies of Gray.


I might briefly, mention the Muse

of Poetry and all that she means to me.

Both the poems and the artwork,

help to sustain me.


They are in infinite ways

a course of my own-self-therapy.

It is hard to explain in words,

yet words will do.

The importance of self-expression,

in grasping slender shards of



To take it altogether,

the art and the poetry,

to show where I’ve sewn it altogether,

the seams stitched tightly-

to hold me together

in an Epiphany of normalcy…


how do I sum up

something which contains

my entire soul,

so completely?

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