Beauty is rare

Bare cleavage

and messy hair-

needs a washing

sultry in the heat

but she no longer cares.

To pimp and to prep,

to look glamorous and less


It’s in a moment-

she can recall

that the youth of her beauty,

has abandoned her all.

Her everything, as middle age, settles in.

Relief comes in too and acceptance,

that the rarity of true beauty resides-

not only in a body, but in her heart, soul and mind.



7 thoughts on “Beauty is rare

      • It sure is. I have always found it odd that men become “distinguished” while women just become old as we age. It is so unjustified and unfair. This is where I think other cultures who prize the aged are far more in touch with how it should be than we are.

      • That is a very astute observation. I know that in Asian cultures, older persons are held with much higher regard and respect than here in the States.I agree that older women can still be very beautiful. It is not fair that such a harsh double standard exists.

  1. I like this poem. It is a disgrace the stigma that is put on aging women. Thank you for this, I wrote We Are Sexy, because…we are. But I hear many women complaining about their body. They call themselves old, and no longer have a desire, as you stated in your poem, to care about their appearance.

    • Thank you Ms. Vee. I myself am approaching 40, I just turned 39. Sometimes, I do get all done up and that makes me feel a little bit better. Other days, I just do not want to bother. Luckily my husband tells me very often how great I look to him just as I am. i agree society’s double standard is ridiculous. I have met many older beautiful women.

      • It sounds like you have a wonderful husband. I turned 58 this year. I dress all the time to make myself feel good. Sometimes I don’t leave the house. I look in the mirror, and ask myself. .Are you I never know when someone might knock on the door.

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