A post-it Note

If I post it onto

my blog

than share it with You-

it’s a lot like

seeping, sharing, dirty wet secrets

onto the internet.


If I do not share,

and choose instead,

to mold it, shape it, and sculpt it-

AND then I –

throw the poem headfirst into

an yet unwritten manuscript.


Then that is sharing too but

of a different sort.

-more selective

-more random


the poem itself becomes

much harder to notice-

the reader must do more work…


to dislocate a piece,

of free-verse and lodge it-

somewhere else, like a bone out of place,

the poem piece

needs a doctor

to whack it back

to wherever it truly belongs.


I do not know where-

I just write them all down,

that’s all i can do.

They fly out of my hands

landing like little butterflies

here and there,

without a care.


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