Two blank journals

two blank brand-new

journals are awaiting me.

i go through this periodically.

i decided to try to make one-

strictly only poetry and one

for the ramblings in between…

the daily stories-

the journaling I frequently do,

just to empty

the contents of memory.

Yet, it almost without exception,

always seems to occur-

that I mix them up interchangeably.

Despite my best intentions, I know what will happen.

They will both contain bits and pieces,

of poetry and Life-story…

It is so impossible it seems

to keep them from mingling.

When I feel like writing,

I just grab the nearest damn thing!

Every-time…does anybody else has this

problem or a solution?

I do not even know why-

this habit bothers me-it just does…

It seems even if i start off on the right track,

sooner than later, I will mix them up again.



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