Hypergraphia disturbs me,

I think I maybe?

write too much…too often…like I cannot,

control myself…


Here is a definition if you are unaware of the term.

Sometimes, I just cannot stop writing

and it does not mean that I have

anything useful or important to say,

it is not creativity, at least not in a meaningful way.

I simply spew words at my blog or my journal,

or where-ever. I feel a bit guilty for this-this empty pleasure.

Like covering a toilet stall with useless graffiti.

the urge to write comes over me,

quite hysterical. It’s like trying to hold your breath and it’s that moment-

where you cannot hold your breath any longer and you are

gasping for air? It’s kinda like that moment except instead of gasping

for air- I am spilling words out and I cannot keep them in any longer.

I try to contain them in a mason jar

only to find that the words have escaped-

fire-fly style.

I try to catch them before they spring loose from my

quick typing hand

but tiger-like, they pounce again.

I’m a poetry addict….I do not think

that there is even a 12 step program for that

or a plush comfty re-hab, I could check into-

to keep my thoughts from running rampant

straight into you,

yes, you reading this.

and I am sorry,

but I do not know how to stop writing-

it’s one of my most treasured addictions.


5 thoughts on “hypergraphia

  1. Mine too ;0) And you never know what three word phrases or two word sentences etc. are gems within the rough (is that how the saying goes?). Of course, if you have the patience to go through it all again after the fact (that’s the hard part!!).

    Well anyways, you’re not the only one. I can assure you that ;0) I love love love writing too. Always have.

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