Summer Seldom

The randomness of Summer,

as it starts off with a Solstice.

The heat is justified as is the fly buzzing on my wall.

The grass needs cut it’s getting tall.


Sad to think of all the family summer

picnics we’ve missed, since he’s been gone.

The life of every party, the story-teller, the joke-maker.

It rings hollow now that he’s passed.

It has been over seven years now.


I like to miss him in the Summer,

that’s when his Birthday was-he was a Leo.

My husband wants to celebrate his Father’s life.

Gather his siblings and go fishing in their Dad’s memory.

somehow this has yet to occur.


Others are busy, mourning in their own quiet ways.

To celebrate a life well-lived and well-loved…

I feel my husband is right, that this is the correct way

to fondly remember loved ones lost.


There’s so much I cannot say…

I miss him too very much in my own simple way.

After his death, I began drinking my coffee black,

like he used to do. My Mother who also passed 13 years ago,

she took her coffee black as well.

So really it is a small daily tribute to the both of them.


I have a strange way with grief.

I feel as if they are still among us somehow,

whether deep in our hearts

or deep in our minds as a memory,

or something more…


Almost a presence watching over us-

in a comforting way.

They never seem completely gone.

Although physically, they are no longer here.

There will always be stories, memories and moments

we have shared.


Summer seldom.

I remember my Mama as she

walked barefoot through her

backyard garden, coffee cup in one hand,

the other to point out earthy delights-

a twinkle in her eyes


as she laughed.

Summer moments.

Seldom yet true.

Made of up of the magic

of missing you.


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