Recovery divided by 3

Recovery divided by 3:

one part is the recovery of the physical self.

recovery of an illness and god knows what else?


Part 2 is recovery of the mentality.

Recovery of what ails and troubles

the mind.


Lastly, Recovery part 3:

is of the soul.

A recovery to balance a lifetime.


To intermingle, the ills of the body, mind, and soul…

Recovery is the word

that sums up, where we go-

from here to eternity.


To incarnate oneself in the present

zen of a moment,

to take in a single breath

and allow oneself to rest.


Recovery is nature’s way.

She heals us from the inside, out.

But only if we allow her,

only if we are receptive.


To receive a world;

comprised of blessings and wellness,

is to become whole.

Recovery is division.

Simple mathematics of  atoms and neurons.


Recovery divided by 3.

The ever elusive equation of energy

which equates us into

small earthquakes of belonging.


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