the Bipolar Mania Diet

The Bipolar Mania diet,

allows you to lose weight as,

you are completely losing your mind.

It consists primarily of nicotine & coffee.

Some-days water is freely added.

I lost 15 lbs on this “harmless” and “effective” diet.

15 lbs in 2 weeks!!! Yay for me!!

I was much too busy worrying, fretting,

and day dreaming to bother eating food-

so for the most part i simply did not.

I do not have an eating disorder.

I did not willing “decide” to diet-

nor did i do it because I felt “fat.”

I did it because i was “unwell”

and the mere idea of food,

revolted me,

I did not have the time,

to make it or eat it,

I was literally starving myself.

but i did not notice this,

because i had a lot on my mind,

and i was too busy thinking it all-

to be bothered with the details,

of minor things, eating and sleeping,

ugh? what is that?

who has time for that??

the bipolar mania diet,

is provided by my crazy-ass melting mind,

contains zero perservatives,

zero common sense

zero calories…

zero vitamins and proteins

zero fat.

It goes for retail at $19.99

but I will sell it to you for

a dollar.


*******in case any of you are worried for my health and safety let me clarify that i am indeed a “plus-size-gal” Before this episode i was 5″4 and 217 lbs. Now i am 5″4 and 202lbs….It will be quite sometime before eating less food negatively impairs my health….


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