Judge me Judge me not..

I hate the fact the others, who do not suffer from mental illness,

judge me so harshly for thing completely out of my conrtol or grasp…at the time.

As if, they would somehow do themselves a bit better-

if they woke up to find

that they completely and totally- all of a sudden-

had just lost their mind?


it is so easy to predict,

that if you were the crazy one;

you would be more considerate, you would always be kind,

even in the midst of a Madness

that made you lose your mind?


Judge me, judge me not…you have never been crazy.

Not even once-

so don’t you dare judge me.


You have troubles of your own-

yes i can see,

yet your never been found lost on the inside, walking the streets of your own insanity.


Until you have been,

to that dark place labelled crazy,

Do not falsely pretend

you have any empathy.


You have never been,

to some of the darkest, desperate spots deep

inside my ranting and rambling mind.


You may say, that you love me.

You may say you know how hard its been.

But you were born normal.

you have no clue the hell, upon which i been in.





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