Some scary place

Acrylic mixed media pumice gel painting 1996 canvasboardSome scary place by Emily Sturgill, June 8, 2013

Saturday noon-ish

Some Scary Place-

Some scary place, inside deep beneath,

the outskirts of the insanity of my mind.

So scary– to have another episode, yet one, without

the magic bells and whistles warning us-

of the turbulence of the unsettled waves

of my un-hinged mind…a wild ride..onto hypomania and beyond.

  • A scary place, deep beneath, my sane sweet spot,
  • lurking lost in the corners
  • of a rambling, crumbling brain.
  • i cannot believe it happened again
  • i cannot believe we did not catch it-before i ran away again.
  • i am always running away from home, this is a safe place, yet i continue to flee-
  • time and time again it happens to me-but not just me-to my husband too…i leave him behind and run swiftly away, trying to catch up an runaway mind blazing through paranoid thoughts, anger, depression, mania, madness, delight and terrifying fright.

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