Leaving Love…

Leaving you, was all,

i could do-

to save myself, to save my sanity.

i know it sounds like,

i am merely “crazy again”.

But I have never felt clearer-than right now.

Your anger frightens me.

Your depression which you try

to deny and hide,

i am watching as it is

devouring you-from the inside out.


It is the large silent white elephant,

in our bedroom with us.

We pretend not to see it,

but you feed it constantly,

when i look the other way.


The toxicity of your family,

everyone co-dependent, inter-laced

and intertwined is just fine by you….

but it makes me feel like,

i am losing my mind.


that is simply i really cannot

afford to go through again.


I’m leaving Love.

I’m leaving you.

despite how happy we can be,

it is not worth the

interlopers-the high-jacks of others-


Just waiting to ruin our happiness.

Day in Day out.

Your mother’s misery

spreads over us, like toxicity.


I can not do this anymore…

it’s just not working out for me.

it’s not fun to be around

somebody enjoying misery so much

that she spreads it to us as well.


i gotta get out.

i must leave.

even if it means, i will never love

anybody else again…

i am leaving love.




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