A candle-wicks dance among the windblown may season

the light chases itself,

in it’s own unique fascination.

it enjoys its own rhythmic company-

with great shining satisfaction-

it dances like a dragon, chasing its tail, towards

the singular light of a new dawn.


IMAG0906The candle reminds me, of spirituality.It’s flame is Elemental and Eternal. It is one of the 4 elements, Earth, Air, Water and Fire-5 elements if you include God/goddess or Spirit. There is something peaceful and enchanting to watch the flame just dance, twirl and flicker-as if its got a mind of  its own-yet perhaps, it does, perhaps it does indeed.

So many blessings. Many marvels. Many wonders in years to come.

Gracious for the chance to rein in both time and space into a single thankful

breath; reminding me of all the places, people and things I am grateful for.

Grace shines onto us from within-it is own responsibility to share our grace, love, joy and beauty;

for all our fellow creatures,

beast and man


let the light shine on,

and blessed be. So mote it be.

(times three…)


2 thoughts on “A candle-wicks dance among the windblown may season

    • Thank you, that sounds like very high praise. I hope you enjoy future posts as well, also you may like to peek into my past archives, there is a recent posting with the words “New Age” in the title…you may dig it. Hang on, ok….ok…ok. I just looked through like 6 weeks worth of past blogs here are some more-pagan minded pieces, 1.A candle-wicks dance among the windblown May Season, 5/21/13. 2. New-Age Funk, May 19,2013 3. Obsessive Personality Traits May 19,2013 4.Here there be dragons-May 9,2013. 5.Cool Breeze.-May 8, 2013. 6. How do i know if i’ve found my twin-flame? (reblogged post by Divine Grace)7. Haunted-May 2,2013.
      8.Haunted part 2, may 2,2013.9. Athena Photo of a Greek Goddess, April 28,2013 10. Religion makes me very uneasy-April 28, 2013. 11.I wanna get a new tattoo, April 26,2013.12. A day like today, April 23, 2013, and 13. A prayer for the earth, April 23,2013. All of these posts plus many more can be found by looking at the right hand side of screen under archives and months.The other way of couse would be to look at the many key-word topics running down the right hand side and see if those poems appeal to you, good luck blessed be.

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