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This is my other blog. I do not write on it nearly often enough. I am rather “hooked” on Primarily because, I do get more feedback on this blog and more traffic and more attention…but yesterday I wrote something kinda sorta good on the other blog. The post was called,”Nervous Nelly.”

And Here it is:

Nervous Nelly by Emily Sturgill



Nerves of steel,

turned to jelly-what has happened to me?

The Scattered Strung out Capital

Letter “S” fell

right off my chest.


Now I have become nothing more –

nor nothing less,

than a nervous nelly,

a girl put to a test.


I wonder why I bother,

to write such dribble-drabble,

that’s likely as all sorts

of hell,

to get me into trouble.


I worried what people will think or feel,

when they read what I have written.

I question myself, my sanity, and my writer’s ability…


So much, is just never thought out,

I’m a bit like the faucet,

that never finishes dripping out.

I dribble,dangle, words

into something reductive.


a subtraction of emotion,

a fraction of truth, and than

what else???


The “S” fell off my chest so very long ago…

I doubt it was ever really there.

Nobody’s superhero-lately,

just another crazy-lady.


One who talks too much,

and shouts crap from the roof-tops,

and cobweb corners and such

a mumbling muttering crazy old hag.


A bag of flesh and bones,

drifting upon a sea of words,

best left unspoken,


but deep inside of me,

there lies,

an utter and angry bitch


and she does and says what-ever,

when-ever, she wants too,

not much I can do to rein her in,

my bipolar drugs/meds they help,

to a bit to calm her inner storms.


yet still deep within, she’s an angry bad girl.

and I am a nervous nelly.

Writing down so many secrets from

my head.


What will people say? What will they think? And how will they feel?

Is it too personal to admit,

I do go crazy from time to time.

at least i don’t live there anymore.Acrylic mixed media pumice gel painting 1996 canvasboard Self-portrait photo may 2013Picture 94Spirituality, acrylic and sand on canvasboard 1996

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