travel ticket

Oh, the places, I will go,

just with a cup of hot, darken, black coffee,

and a single scratched up CD.

The music invokes memories.

Nothing specific, yet allows my mind the freedom-

to travel freely floating by,

on a chorus or a verse…

Time, is one thing I have plenty.

If my CD skips a beat, I just wait it out, nothing is sweating me.

The southern twang to a voice, a bluesy pitch, a melody-

something like a story-

somebody’s singing crazy, good tunes, and I love

the honesty that lies in the land,

of The Blues.

A single song on repeat,

could transport me-anywhere-a story

or a fantasy or even a dream?

Pour yourself a cup of caffeine, grab a chair, and

put some music on-

come travel with me,

tickets to unknown destinations-

all paid for-

for free.


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