The Bubonic cold

I’m sure I am being overly dramatic,

but my husband was sick all last week,

and now I definitely have gotten it too…

It feels like a plague… but it’s merely a Bubonic Cold.


Now, I realize this is not the middle ages,

and I’m hardly at Death’s door.

Yet I’m feeling hellish just the same.

All snot, all wore out,cannot care enough-

to peel myself out of my pj’s.

My whole head feels like a massive implosion or explosion,

cannot decide which,

just feel horrible and sick.

ick, can you pass me another kleenex?

It does not matter actually-

I am mostly just congested,

since i took a 12 hour sudafed about 7 hours ago.

It’s definitely some sort of bubonic head cold.

I have no appetite what so ever…just so hot then cold.

I have grand plans, in the scheme of things, to take a hot shower-

and then create a VAT of chicken soup-which I hope i drown in.

(not really just kidding. but cold’s suck.)****damn-husband’s home and insisting I try to eat real food not soup.

My husband is an excellent cook/chef/what-have-you…He is bbq-ing pork chops and making my favorite lipton mushroom rice, probably also have baked beans. (I still want soup.) But I cannot turn him down.

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