Art before words update

I revised and updated my kindle book,”Art before Words;Volume One.” yesterday. I know that 35 people downloaded it during the free promo time. I am very sorry if any of you had a disappointing experience. I have contacted kindle about that and now the matter is out of my hands. If my corrections, I made are deemed significant then they will notify the 35 persons concerning the changes. If they are only deemed minor changes, people would be able to update their version through the “manage my kindle” feature on They said the review could take up to 4 weeks. But the copy available now is revised and I will have another promo period next month in June. I feel really badly if my formatting caused any frustrations for any of you who downloaded it. While, it’s not absolutely 100% perfect, I was able to improve 80-90% of it. Most of my frustrations stem from having the title of an artwork on a separate page and stuff.But at this point, I know I have done my best and will do better next time. 


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