Here there be dragons:

Here there be dragons,

although invisible to the naked eye-

there swirl around my head

and I….watch them dance-

in an entirely imaginary pursuit.

They breathe fire on all my enemies

I can imagine them

topple your kingdom,

in one fell swoop.

I can draw pictures of them

and watch as they change colors-

chameleon style.

Here there be dragons,

simply because I said so and I made them all up.

They eat french with ketchup.

I have always believed in all kinds of dragons,

even if they are not real,

I can imagine them encircling your head,

just at the point where I feel

fed up.

Then I can secretly smile and laugh about it.

I’m insane like that.

Sometimes a little crazy-

goes a very long way-

of making life fun.


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