Love: you are always there for me.

Love like this-

has always been strange,

I am so fortunate, that I found you-

so many years ago.

Love like this-

expects nothing in return yet

gives me everything,

I’ve ever wanted or needed.

You are the one, who picks me up when i fall.

You are my everything, the one I can count on.

You make me laugh, even when I am sad.

You make me feel good when before I felt bad.

You tolerate my roller-coasters of emotions,

and try your best to encourage me, to support me,

despite all the times I become crazy.

You are always there for me.

I know, sometimes, I don’t make it easy-

but with you, there is a calming effect.

You are the wind that calms the waves of my troubled sea.

You are the Sun that warms me.

You are the ground that steadies  me.

Among all else,

you are my best friend too.

You are the man I love most

with eyes of blue,

many illustrated tattoos,

a hairy Buddha belly,

you are wonderful and ALL mine.

Even after all these years, I know, I am the lucky one.

It’s funny to me, that you feel lucky to be with me.

I’m a  trouble-maker.

But I love you the best way I know how.

I try to make you happy.

I am glad you finally married me.

I think I am the lucky one,

lucky indeed.



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