Lover of Mine-

We have stood the test of time.

Every so often i get a little,

crazy or manic or lose my mind,

then I leave it all behind.

I leave you, and you are my Family,

Oh. Lover, Lover,Lover of mine.

I always do comeback to you in the end,

after my head’s been re-screwed on tight.

after we stop having the ugly, stupid fight-

about whatever.

It is always ugly, dumb and stupid- i regret saying

whatever i unleashed upon you to hurt you.

I immediately know I am wrong,

but simply cannot control myself or help it,

as I am in the middle of crazy-town, again, and am so very wrong.

confused about you, me, and “us”

confused about life-

about marriage and being husband and wife.

Oh Lover, Sweet Lover, Amazing Lover of mine.

Ever so often, I put your love to the test…

and I see how much it hurts you and i know how much it hurts me….

But something back in my head kinda snaps,

and I run away from home,

as if i am under attack.

very defensive, borderline paranoid, very confused,

not getting sleep, right about then is the time,

I will pack my bags and run,

towards the noon-day Sun.

You never forget-but you always forgive,

sweet Lover, oh my Lover, Sweet Husband, wonderful lover-

of mine.


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