In my dreams,

is where it seems,

I am most vulnerable

to your ghostly astral projections.

They torment me

into self-reflection.

Whatever do you want?

Now, or Ever?

We were always just friends,

although of the rare kindred spirit kind.

We still talk over the internet.

It makes me feel guilty-

although we have done nothing wrong,

and well i can say I will always


I will never write you,

another love song.

We are not romantic, not now, nor ever.

but something is there,

if i cared to probe deeper.

and i do not,

neither do you,

at least you claim not to,

have any strange attraction

to little ole me.

We are barely friends, even on good days.

I come to you anyways the ingenue,

always looking to you,

to be sitting on a mountain,

with its tell-tale peak

shoved up your….

never mind.

But yes, I hammer you with

questions then disrespect

all your advice.

I’m sure part of you

hates me.

And, yes It’s always been this way,

between us. Me following you around,

as if you are some sort

of guru.

a magical beast,

a mythological creature,

yet as always, you are

and remain,

just a close friend.

I must admit I am

hoping you are not moving home,

here to Michigan,

it would really creep me out.

This state is not big enough for both of our egos.

I’ve done the math.

I’ve figured it all out.

I’m happy here,

and you would turn it all inside out,

and upside down.

I really do not want to deal-

with whatever i feel,

towards you at all.

Hopefully nothing will come

of any of it.

And you will stop appearing

in my dreams-

go guest star in someone

else’s subconscious

for a change.

( I will never write you another love song, is a reference to a song by Z.Z.Ward, called “Last love Song.”

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