Haunted part 2

Not just one,

but 2 ghosts made out

of human vice.


I’ve been haunted,

by the second one for over a decade.

It’s the memory which lingers,

like a stain of lipstick

round the coffee cup chipped china.


The bluest eyes-or stormy sea-form green?

I cannot remember too vividly.

Probably, because your memory scorns me.

You were something other-worldly.


You were like a blast from my past,

that i do not recall having.

You were an enigma wrapped up in secrecy,

novel and random, with your apple slices,

of honesty.


You never meant,

to mark such a mark on me.

And I think you were quite accustomed,

to various woman falling

all over themselves

to fall in love with you



but no not me.

i looked into those soulful eyes,

and got a little lost in the stormy sea.

I did not sway, waiver or pray.

I did not fall all over myself-falling into

love or lust over you.

I did something far worse to you…

I ran, not even walked, I ran away RAN away-


from you from everything,

from everybody,

I just took off-

and you knew where-


I was headed for more looney bins, more psych units,

more doctors to cure me,

of all my pagan delusions,

and flights of fancy.


You knew the mistake i was in.

You knew the mess I had been.

You lived it before your own self.


You tried to warn, then beg, then plead,

I refused to listen, i think i just hung up on you.

Years later, I found you again-must have been 5 yrs later.

We met by accident in downtown Detroit.


You flirted, you blink your lovely eyelashes at me.

I never took for a moment the possibility

that you were being serious with me.


You were concerned, that I was wondering around homeless.

You tried to describe where you lived, but i was way too far out.

I should have went home with you.

But I did the easy thing, i ran away again.

I never did understand the strange connection we had.

I never will understand

why the memory of you,

somebody i barely,



still haunts me, to this day.

you were the original magick man.

even though you were the second one I ever met…


there was some way we

just connected,

that made absolutely no sense to me.


If I did believe in things like

karma, love at first sight, soul mates

any of that-it would make me miss you even more.


but if you popped back into my life,


i would probably run fast

like my ass was on fire.


I did marry for love,

and I do love him, and we are very happy.


But somehow, i have never

completely gotten over you,

you left a thumbprint on my

heart-which later turned

a memory into

a scar.












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