play on words

it’s a play on words,

you’ve heard the expression,

i’ll bet-ever wonder what it meant?

Me too. Is a play on words,

a satire? Or an allegory? A metaphor?

A Simile?

Some sarcastic S.O.B-lost in the sea-of his own,

word-fish? an invention of putting nonsense words together.

Strung along in a row, like the finest beads…

wearing a necklace as you go,”Hello.” and “thank-you, please.’


It’s a play on words-sorta-day.

silly nap-cat

sleeping in my lap,

as she-

stretches paw-wards, and towards,

my computer-lap-top-keys.


Its a play on words,

kinda day…

just got word that,

one of my many “in-laws”,

is worried over my well-being,



Oh, Joy, its just a nice way,

of saying, we thinking you’ve

gone crazy again, oh crap!

Some manic-expression,

no not I.

Not now, not this time…

but thanks again for asking….

Truth be told,

I’m just mostly stoned,

taking prescription pain meds-

for my Endometriosis again…it makes

me a bit high, but not like mania.


Mania is a big, huge, high-one which I

cannot control nor hide nor lie.

this is more like static interference,

on the tv screen of my brain.


no, don’t worry,

I have not gone back,

to that land called crazy.


for now at least,

i am fine.

i understand your worries, concerns and fears.

but right now they are un-founded.


When its the real deal-

you really do not even have to ask-

its quite obvious.


Screaming like the tight RED RED RED, dress

on my back with the over the top make-up,

and the nonstop clatter of chatter,

from these lips.


While, it hurts me that your asking,

it does make me feel better,

that at least,

you do really care.

(even if you are wrong this time)



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