2 possible (new) ideas for e-books

My husband and I have been chatting since i started the kindle direct publishing, self-publishing, back in Jan. He feels I should put together a book that is all and only artwork.

Is this of interest to anybody? Do you want to see more art? Would you buy a kindle e-book or paperback of only my artwork? You’ve seen samples of my art in my poetry/artist chapbooks? Thoughts comments???


The second idea is putting out a book on art therapy ideas/projects. We call them art therapy experientials. I have many that I came up with and used during my two primary art therapy internships, but originally i did four internships-the other two, one was with VSA of Michigan-they teach art skills to disabled youth and teens. I did enjoy that site very much, the people were nice. I just had little interest in teaching kids technical skills relating to graphic art and design. First of all, I’m bad at that type of very structured “tight” artwork-things like perspective drawing and still-life drawings. Secondly, they already had a hired professional graphic artist and teacher there on site. Last, I prefer actual art therapy. This was not about creativity or self-expression-it was about the technical side of drawing. The other site, was a soup kitchen I was mistakenly sent to for only one session!! There was some mis-communication.They already had enough AT interns-they thought I was there as a Grad Student Researcher-opps! There was a fifth site but it too only lasted one day. The person in charge was very high strung, very high drama, and as somebody with a mental illnes, I require some structure-which her program was sadly lacking.


Obviously, a book of art therapy project ideas will probably only interest art therapists….unless there are artists out there willing to read such a book as a self-help, tool. Would anybody be interested in books like these? Please leave comments, feedback here for me, i almost always post such comments thank you.


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