headaches and coffee

feeling slightly hung over,

only problem is;

i got 5 years sober-almost 6.

i certainly was not boozing it up

last night or even yesterday.

still i feel like crap,

the kind of crap you feel-

when you murder an entire bottle

of merlot, and puke your guts out the rest of the evening and morning.

that foggy-rough-edges

of a hung over migraine,

due to the fact that quite clearly-

you goofed somehow, opps!

but this is no hangover,

its sinus trouble.

when i awoke my eyes were crying,

i was not even sad,

they were watering up like

Niagara falls

My nasal passages are

so damn congested if i blow

my nose, even if i blow, my brains out,

nothings left on my kleenex-not

even a disgusting tell-tale


nothing, nada, zip.

I’ve been self-medicating with generic benedyrl

and prescription pain meds.

I have not been able to even eat food all day-

complete total loss of appetite.Which commonsense-talk dictates,

the fact that barely no food=low blood sugar=BFH

(big fucking headache.)

but how can you eat when your mind keeps

lying and telling you that

your not even hungry.

this headache blows!

it sucks so bad,

its actually making me grumpy and



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