when i was very young, perhaps 5 years old,
i made a fish-bowl out of tissue paper and black construction
papers. i do not know why but at the time,
it seemed to be my most valuable and prized
possession.Anyways this kindergarten masterpiece, i decided to entrust to my grandmother, my mother’s mother. She had fish tanks herself of guppies and things.I do not recalled if there were joy and pride in her eyes-but i do know they shone bright. i will always remember from that moment forward somethng inside me changed for the better. i was no longer just a small child or little girl, i was an ”artist” too.All because of the way she accepted my gift, my treasure,she showed respect and awe. i blushed and felt warm all over, like i did a “good”or “right” thing.i will never forget that precious moment, i wish somebody had saved that picture for me, but i was not from that sort of family-childrens drawings were not taken seriously-except of course for my grandmother, she was a rare gem.


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