Book Spine Poetry #2

IMAG0858When you eat at the Refrigerator, pull up a chair;

Overcoming Overeating,

for colored girls who have considered suicide/ when the rainbow is enuf,                                                                               ,


Color me Beautiful and other poems about life, love and dreams.

Ancient Spellcraft, (and)

The right to write,

Mythology Greek and (used),

Finding your bipolar Muse,

The Midnight disease,

The Artist’s Way,

Ask and it is given,

poetic medicine.


2 thoughts on “Book Spine Poetry #2

    • Wow, thanks for the feedback. It’s so rare anybody leaves me any comments. The spine book poetry idea, I stole from one of my Art Therapist friends Gretchen Miller Her blog is called, Creativity in Motion, I just reblogged her post, for you, feel free to check out her blog. She’s amazingly talented, and just a groovy chick as well..

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