the trickling of thought-drops

the trickling of thought-drops,
dribbling, dripping, downwards
like a leaky faucet.

the emptiness inside
my head
wears me out.

i struggle, as i try,
to reach out and catch a puddle-
of thought-drops.

they are dispensed through
a downwards momentary trend
towards feeling depression.

mild in comparsion,
to most of my wildest-crazy times.
this is more like
a retardation-a slowness-to
the thought-drops.

normally they occur fast as raindrops
during a thunderstorm
of cats and dogs.

but today, i reach behind
the emptiness of my slowest
thinking thought-drops
leaky faucet-
it leaks quietly-
without making a sound.

i look blankly outwards,
my face turns toward
a pale blue clear sky.

so much,
i want to say,
but when i reach out to
touch the words,
then they are gone, glimpsed
but unspoken.

i have run out of
my everything to say
there is nothing here
in the space
behind my brownest eyes.


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