Furry little friends



I love my furry little friends.
We have 3 cats and 2 dogs.
My mother in law also has a doggie-so its really of total of 3 dogs and 3 cats.

I love our furry little monsters.
One of our cats, pictured above, she is 12 years old now or perhaps 13.
She hides in our basement ceiling ever,
since we got my kitten, last May.

I am hoping that when
spring and summer comes,
she will stop hiding.

its beneath her.
she is our Queen Bee,
of all our kitties.

the next in line to the Cat Throne
would be our 7 year old medium hair tabby.
last is the newest addition
the lucky long-haired black cat-only one year old now.

Our dogs consist of our 11 year old male Shiba inu,
my mother in laws seven year old little apricot schnoodle-
he’s a pain in the butt-only listens to her.
and then our beautiful female German Shepherd dog-she is around five years old now.

It is very nice
to have them spread out
because then someday if we
lose one, we will still have
the others.

I would never want more than we have.
But they are well-cared for and happy animals.
Some would say, we do have too many, but
we love them all.

They are all fixed.
We try to keep up with their shots.
The dogs do know basic commands.

I try to walk our two dogs as much as I can.
The schnoodle is not leash trained-
he struggles and hyper-ventilates.
So i just do not take him.

only the other two dogs-ours-mine and my hubby.
My animals are the best friends ever.
Luckily, I married a fellow animal lover.

My furry little friends! Each has a different personality.
Our Shiba Inu runs the roost.
He struts his stuff
like a samurai royalty.
He bosses the other 2 dogs around.
He is clearly always in charge.

Animals are funny when they have a pack
mentality. It is clear each one has a certain
spot in the family tree.

They are awesome because they love us everyday.
Sometimes the best friends are
also the furriest.

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