sorrow encased in a whisper

Here you go,
take this-quickly-please
do not drop it-it is something secret-
here is my sorrow, its encased in a whisper.

Here please keep it somewhere safe.
For, i have carried it too long,
it’s becoming burdensome.
Something very heavy and steep.

here please can you just get rid of it for me?
Here it is all my sorrow
it’s fragile, like I am, it’s encased
beneath this whisper.

Take it someplace far from me.
Take it away, let it run free.
Get rid of this secret sadness
this thing i can no longer bear.

Take this sorrow encased
in my whisper,
take it away and drown it
in sunlight and flowers.

Help me pick of the pieces
of all my broken tomorrows.
Take this sorrow away and replace it
with something beautiful,

Replace it with Hope,
or Faith,
or Strength,
or Happiness
or Wisdom…

Just please got rid of this sorrow,
encased in my muffled
whisper. Let it go.


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