A union between two,
a joining of the hips together,
this old ball and chain,
loves playing in the rain.

Shazam! congratulations I now
pronounce you-Mr and Mr-or
Mrs. and Mrs.
In my dreams this maybe someday real.

For so many of my friends,
they are harshly judged
and discriminated against
simply for loving who they love
and why?

Love is not something up for debate.
It is something between two hearts,
that they alone create.
The Government should respectfully,
bow out.

It’s an issue for the Supreme Courts,
to decide to rule on, right now.

In my mind,
its something symbiotic.
You love who you love,
Just like I do too.

Two persons falling in love
no matter their age, gender or sexuality,
Love is Love.
And Love should always be rejoiced,
as something sweet.

To discriminate against
persons who love differently
than you, it is not just a matter
of ignorance it is a matter of bigotry/
a matter of hate.

I do not expect really;
to change anybodys mind who thinks,
differently than I do.

I gave up being naive-sometime ago.
but I find it very unfair,
to place everybody in the same box/
and insist that it is all the same

that everybody, is purely heterosexual,
I find that assumption not only
ridiculous, but cruel too.

A union between two,
a joining of the hips together,
this old ball and chain,
loves playing in the rain.

2 thoughts on “Symbiotic

  1. “To discriminate against
    persons who love differently
    than you,”

    I know what you mean, but to me, love is love. Just love. And it’s all good.

    • Yes, you are right-Love is just Love. I feel the same way, however i do have friends in the LBGT movement or category if you will, and they receive much more slack then you would expect.Most of them have dealt with discrimination and been treated unfairly due to their sexuality most of their entire lives. I actually had a favorite family member who was gay. So it is an issue that hits close to home, but also I have many friends who are Gay or Bi or whatever. I just wish that everybody was allowed to have the same rights as far as civil unions go. It goes deeper than just the love issue. Many LBGT persons are denied rights we take for granted like being on a spouse’s health insurance or life insurance plan, or adopting a same sex-spouse’s children or granting Gay couples the right to adopt children…just so many issues involved. But I agree with you Love is Love. However, I believe that there should be equal rights to persons regardless of gender or sexuality. Normally i do not post much political stuff on here-I hope my bleeding left wing liberal heart is not offending anybody…I just wish people were not being discriminated against, because Love is Love, and love is a joyous thing-it makes no difference who you do love, at least to me!

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