new second blog by me: dirty filthy butterfly blues on blogspot

A blogspot experiment

here’s a link:

Welcome to my thought dungeon.
You, dirty filthy butterfly…
I have a bad, mean-ass, case of the blues.

The type of Blues,
that people sing stories about.
The type of Blues,
that make ya wanna get out of your seat-
and shout…

Oh my God, not me…
these are the types
of blues I am talking about.

The kind of Blues,
which leave you standing at the crossroads,
with no way but out…

The kind of cross-road Blues,
that come equipped with
there own shot of tequila.

The kind of Blues,
full of Friday Night Terror,
and Saturday’s secret
shout out.

These Blues gotta hold of me,
trapped like in a box,
there is no way

Welcome to my thought dungeon,
you filthy dirty little butterfly
butterfly blues-
i got lots of ’em

i started a second blog on blogspot called “dirtyfilthybutterflyblues” I will still write on wordpress, because wordpress, dear wordpress i love you.

But i thought i would try the other site out too it is also free! I wrote 3 new poems over there if anybody wants to take a look-see. Do not feel obligated. I am just messing around-not sure if anything will come out of it?

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