when she tried to create an antidote,
she added a small winged creature,
a nosey blue-jay.

With much vapors and steam,
the potion gave off an
electrical spark-
and the blue-jay -it flew away.

the thickened glass specimen tube
turned violent shades of red, orange and

stagnant, strange, she thought,
surely she had it-
the cure for the broken-hearted.

but as she watched wildly as the
bird flew towards the glass window,
endlessly flapping.

it was then she realized
her error;
to cure a broken-heart,
first one must relase it
to run wild and free.

With that curiousity, she opened,
the tower window, of the great castle,
she watched as the blue jay make its way,
up to the skies of Odin and Thor.

Her spell probably did not work,
anymore, but at least she found solace
in the truth. Magic cannot cure every ill,
which ails you.

Sometimes you just need
the right ingredients, other times,
the right core set of belief-
and first do no harm, harm none.

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