the devil and daniel johnston

there is a documentary about a musician singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston. He is still alive, and I think recently he may have put out more music with his band-it maybe a new band-i am uncertain. I just wanted to say this is a great documentary about living with a mental illness. Daniel is an accomplished Artist, Musician, and singer-song-writer. He also has bipolar disorder.

It is a good movie to check out the link above tells you more about it, if mental illness even interests you & its fine if it does not.

I was going to try to write a poem about him. but i kinda feel all blanky-blank now.

The Devil & Daniel; by Emily Sturgill

The Devils gotcha by the coat-tails again,

Dan you really better run,

the devils gonnna catcha,

Steal your music-lyrics and all;

and make your head spin.

Dear daniel,

the drawings you have been making,

are fricking amazing- but it won’t stop,

the demons from coming- right out of no-where-

they are everywhere,

I’ve got them too,

much worse than bed-bugs, are thought-flies,

they creep out of your brain,

crawl under your skin-and then what?


Is that when, you begin?

to write music, to draw pictures, does your art

really save your soul?

I’m just wondering because Art and Music, have saved mine.

You and I

are not so different…

Your somebody famous, while I am not, but…

I’ve got demons too.

in the end it all-always works out.

You just gotta have faith,

in something better.



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