Monday Madness

Ah, yes the Madness of Mondays.
They are a beginning-to an end.
The week-day rush of the working class.
The week-day rush of parents, especially, the mothers…
but fathers too.

The week-day rush of the college-students
The rush of the teachers headed
to doll out pearls of learning;
dribbles of wisdom,
giving the gift to their students;
that it is knowledge,
that empowers you.

The Madness of Mondays,
for the unemployed.
searching internet want-ads,
the classified ads of a computerized world.

Mondays come at us
crashing through
the sacredness of Sundays,
which lie peacefully at our feet,
Sundays settle like sleeping dogs.

Only to crash head-first,
into Mondays busy beginnings of our week.
But by Tuesday, the dust settles,
and we are in the mindset of another week.

Somewhere in-between-Weds and Thursdays-
we are already totally and completely,
sick of it all
TGIF- Fridays…here we come,

we see escape as possible,
a week-end of sitting on the couch,
or seeing a movie or outings with our kids.

Sunday is a church day for some.
For others not as much.
it is a day of thick Sunday newspapers, coupons, and
weekly sales-papers, peacefully we sip our tea or

Than with no warning,
like thunder and lighting,
the flash of a storm
comes the crashing
of the
Madness of Mondays.

We start all over again.


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