Draw you a story:

Here, yes you, come closer.
Let me draw you a story.
Not in markers, or colored pencils or crayons…
But in words instead.

Let me tell you a secret.
Or many secrets.
Sometimes there are things better, left unsaid.
But I will go ahead and say them,

I will whisper in your ear.
I will speak to you,
in my dreams.

I will say horrific, unspeakable, and
dirty things to you.
I will breathe to life a story,

that is mine alone,
and it probably
will not ,make any sense what-ever,
to You, or anybody else,

that does not mean
it did not happen,
or it is not true.

Here, come closer,
and sit down.
I will draw you a story,
but not with pictures,

with words instead.

And, If I am brave enough,
honest enough
you will understand.

but perhaps not.
now come here, sit down,
let me hold your hand,
and I will draw you a story;

of things better left unsaid.


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